Innovative Water-Cooling Solutions for Your Data Centers

Reliability · Survivability · Innovation

Equip your data centers with superior, efficient water-cooling tech — even if your facilities don’t have existing water-cooling infrastructure. TopC’s reliable and innovative cooling solutions transform your air-cooled facilities to support spot-cooling systems for your mission critical equipment.

The Top Choice for Your Cooling Needs

Expertise Across Industries

Medical, military, multi-disciplinary, and more — each industry has its own specific requirements when it comes to their data centers. That’s why we offer customized solutions, tailor-made for your specific niche.

Complete Cooling Solutions

Our custom-built cooling solutions cut your energy use and expenses, with next-level tech, such as cold plates, heat pipes, TECs, phase change cooling, system controlling, and more.

20+ Year Track Record

Decades of experience. Hundreds of installations. Countless opportunities to optimize, elevate, and innovate. That’s how we stay ahead and provide cutting-edge cooling technology for this fast-evolving industry.

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